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Fans of football and fashion, from near and far, are invited to register their interest in investing in one of UK's most exciting grassroots projects!

Our vision is to become the 'Venezia of English football', to be the most creative and most fashionable football club in the UK! We want to cross fashion, music, art, and culture with the beautiful game, and we are looking for like-minded individuals to become owners of Portobello Football Club and join us on our journey!

Portobello Road, Notting Hill is one of United Kingdom's most vibrant and culturally rich neighbourhoods. Home to the Notting Hill Carnival, Europe's largest street festival, and the old stomping ground of the iconic punk-rock band The Clash, there is perhaps no better place to start and grow a project like this here in England.

This is more than just a nice idea... We already have proof of concept! In our first season (22/23) as a club, we sold 3,500+ jerseys worldwide! Classic Football Shirts, one of the UK's leading football retailers stocked our jerseys in both their London and Manchester stores - and sold out! With coverage from the likes of GQ Italia and NSS Magazine we've reached audiences overseas and we don't plan to stop in our efforts to truly become a global brand.

£70,000+ in first year revenue for a small, bootstrapped, grassroots football club is an incredible achievement - perhaps the first of its kind in England... However, so much more needs to be done to ensure successful and sustainable growth.

Innovation and our willingness to take risks are the reasons for our success off the pitch. We are not afraid to take on hard challenges early on in pursuit of long-term sustainability.

For the 23/24 football season, we decided to adopt a DIY approach to our business model. Rather than work with an established sportswear brand, we have defied convention by independently making our jerseys! By making our jerseys independently, and selling our jerseys direct to the customer - we are able to retail our jerseys at £19.99, making ourselves the most affordable football club in the world!

Not only do we have an excellent e-commerce opportunity to grow our football club, we also have an incredible in-person opportunity to do so too... Portobello Road is home to the Portobello Road Market - one of the most famous street markets in the world with millions of people visiting each and every year. The market is intrinsic to the identity of the football club and a prime location to sell our jerseys - at a very low operating cost! At £19.99, our jerseys will be the perfect purchase for those in search of affordable piece of fashion that connects them back to their time in Notting Hill when they leave.

Our vision isn't just limited to football however... Portobello Football Club is excited to announce the planned addition of Portobello Basketball in 2025.

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Become an Owner

Join London's most fashionable football club on the journey of a lifetime...