Portobello Football Club compete in the Middlesex County Football League, Division 2. Our Home Ground is London Marathon Playing Fields, Greenford (Birkbeck Avenue UB6 8LS). Match days are sponsored by

September 2023:

  • 16th September (Away), London Europeans versus Portobello FC [0-3].
  • 23rd September (Home), Portobello FC versus Acton Ealing Whistlers [9-0].
  • 30th September (Away), Southall Athletic versus Portobello FC [1-4].

October 2023:

  • 7th October (Home), Portobello FC versus Hillingdon Abbotts [4-1].
  • 21st October (Home), Portobello FC versus London Rangers [8-1].
  • 28th October (Away), Kodak (Harrow) Reserves versus Portobello FC [1-2].

November 2023:

  • 11th November (Away), Wiseman West versus Portobello FC [1-1].
  • 18th November (Home), Portobello FC versus London Europeans [POSTPONED].
  • 25th November (Away), London Rangers versus Portobello FC [POSTPONED].

December 2023:

  • 2nd December (Home), Portobello FC versus Southall Athletic in the Division 2 League Cup.